Life Matters Course

The Life Matters Course gives young adults a chance to look at their lives and develop new skills for living. The programme is varied and interactive. It includes panel discussions, personal reflection, workshops, music, outdoor activities and mixing with people from diverse walks of life, religious and cultural backgrounds.


  • to help develop the skills and character strengths needed to contribute to positive change in today's world
  • to expand ones world view and ability to respond to people and situations
  • to help each person explore and discover their own distinctive purpose

Skills development in:

  • Discerning the moral values needed in the task of creating a world that works
  • Learning how an individual can make a difference
  • Making conflict transformation and reconciliation practical
  • Active listening - to other people, and to the inner voice for meaning and direction
  • Community building, teamwork and leadership
  • Understanding the root of particular national and international issues
  • Problem solving through personal change
  • Spiritual empowerment for transforming people and society

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